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Sky Ruin Arena  
Experience in Alpha Season 3



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The Experience launched in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 (The Greatest Action-RPG Game in This Season) Sky Ruin Arena Story: Beast is might The king of the Deva commanded the Giants to train animals for warfare. Thus, Nontaguwane, prince of the Yaksa, ordered a grand temple to be built, comprising holding pens, training grounds, and cages located above ground and underground. The forest surrounding the Naga’s sacred lands near the waterfall was encroached upon, trees were cut down for its wood to be used in this massive undertaking. When the colossal structure was finished, the Giants ensnared hundreds of lions and began to tame them for training. Rumors began to spread among the Khonthan that a gigantic black serpent was also kept at the highest spire in the Sky Island. At that time, Yaga, leader of the remaining Naga tribe who survived the Deva’s invasion, amassed forces and raided the temple. They managed to destroy cages of lions trapped both above ground and underground, and set the ravenous beasts loose upon the defending forces, sending the wounded Giants fleeing for their lives. The Naga made camp there for three nights, until a group of warriors decided to attack the Sky Island to face the forces within. Cheewasit, rider of the black hera, opposed the idea, but to no avail. All the Naga warriors marched upon the summit of the Sky Castle, but none returned. Cheewasit and the few warriors that remained then stayed at the foothills.

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