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Halloween Festival
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After completing the Zuun Nast conquest, "Sakka", the deva king, was very satisfied with the result. So he held a celebration as a reward for the bravery of survivors and those who died on the battlefield. Khonthan and Naga jointly organized the event on the theme "The Night of the Brave, the Soul Liberator of the Dead" It is decorated with torches and pumpkins and filled with liquor and delicious food from Khonthan’s tribe. Besides, children come out to greet them by dressing in unusual outfits. The Naga tribe also celebrated with a ceremony to bring the spirits of dead warriors to resurrect for one night and invited the spirits from the otherworld to join the celebration, including vampires, skeleton ghosts, clown ghosts, mummies, werewolves, kappa, juon, dead souls, zombies, Thai ghosts, witches, etc. It turns the sky arena into a Halloween midnight party with music and a concert by DJ Jack (The Pumpkin Head DJ).

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